Thursday, September 11, 2008

Raindrops from the glass window

rain from the glass window

I’ve been constantly seeking the blue sky. Only to find myself soaked under a heavy rainfall. Usually, it’s in the late afternoon when people are rushing to go home and I get drowned by the huge crowd. I would sometimes find myself in a trance forgetting I had an umbrella, I would join them and went home drenched than ever.

I used to love the rain. I still do. But lately, I’ve been missing the blue sky.



Ferdz said...

I miss the blue skies as well. Especially this weekend. I like the rain too. Wag lang siguro sosobra.

Ganda ng bokeh nung shot. Pang fine art.

ang langyaw said...

wow, that's amazing! ganda ng photo. by the fact that its in b/w, the viewer is more drawn to the texture and the absence of it.

the donG said...

kaya lang limitado din ang byahe pag umuulan. ganda ng kuha mo dito. nakapag padala ka na ba ng mga kuha mo sa mga photography magazines?

my gulch said...

Hi Ferdz!
thanks for appreciating. gusto ko ang ulan kaya lang minsan nakaka-miss din ang bughaw na langit. isa pa, hindi masyadong makalabas kapag umuulan.

photography has its own way and style of leading our eyes. it leads a portion concentration. texture and monochrome--exactly what i wanted to achive. thanks!

no i haven't. never tried it. i don't have the guts, hehe. right now, i am just happy that i get the exposure and the composition i want. it also helps that some of you are appreciative. :-)

kyels said...

It has been really cloudy here in the city too and I do miss the blue skies. I don't fancy rainy days b/c they are often depressing na!

Awesome photo! Love the raindrops - the details.

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