Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Eating alone under the drumbeat of a Beatles song

eating alone

While waiting for my order, I spotted this old guy eating alone. They were playing “For No One” (which to me, is the saddest Beatles song ever). He was just adjacent to my table so I took the liberty to gawk and shoot. I thought the idea of framing him is perfect. He seemed happy and preoccupied chewing his yellow rice and chicken and ice tea.

Postscript: On Eating Alone

I had dinner with a friend from the office last night. I intended not to but he delivered to me a line that is simply impossible to pass over (even for someone as inane and unsympathetic as me). “I hate eating alone, Rayts. And for the last two days, I’ve been doing that you know. There is nothing sadder than eating alone.” He said this in the most distressing manner. But I could not agree with him.

Except on rare occasions, I like to eat alone. In the same manner that I genuinely enjoy watching movies alone or strolling in crowded places by myself. He worries when I confide these things to him. He thinks something is wrong with me. And goes on with the argument that such "habit is not healthy" (referring to the idea of "being alone"). And because he is not into a relationship for the last months and claims that he has all the time in the world, he always offers to accompany me. Just to put a little spite of scarcasm into my argument, I tell him, "I get more sadder having you around" and gave him a big laugh about it. But I guess he never sees my point.

There’s no romantic inkling whatsoever between us. He’s like a brother to me. A young child who needs constant guidance/advice. And like a brother, we fight innately and inertly. Secret wish: Ahh, sana magka-gf ka na para naman mabawasan ang drama mo sa buhay! hehe.


pieterbie said...

I don't really mind eating alone. I can eat in peace then.
Those frames are crooked.

Jim said...

galing naman rayts, timely pa, kaka-release lang ulit ng album ng Beatles plus a video game, pa?! :D

Andrea said...

parang kilala ko yun!

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