Monday, October 12, 2009

Even the beauty of the sunset does not strike me that much

painful drops

Work has gotten three-fourth of my life.

I long for the word “linger” which I could not enjoy now. Everything has to be done immediately. Everything must be settled at certain deadline. I could not even find a sufficient time for a decent entry to post. I kept forgetting I have a blog.

I wanted to tell you stories. Write so much. Tell you about this "little things" that play inside my head every now and then. I wanted to tell you about this "friend" that has been keeping me awake in the middle of the night all because of a single phrase he told me. I wanted to organize and tell. But even my weary brain would not cooperate.

I miss my days in the sunset. I miss my solitude. Holyshit, my hands are shaking again.


Toe said...

I so know what you mean Rayts.

I want to steal this sunset. :)

my gulch said...

hi Toe!
of all people, of course you'll understand. busy ka din lagi eh. Oki is India right now. she's there for a week and then travel to KL and Singapore before heading back home. buti pa siya. anyway, i mentioned her kase i remember we still owe you a lunch? dinner? hehe. sobrang busy mga tao nagkakalimutan na.

you want to "steal" this sunset? ano yan figuratively or literally? hehe.

Andrea said...

Grabe sa galing itong sunset mo! Kelan kaya ako magka ganito e wala nga maibili ng camera!

luthien said...

hanep rayts. you've come a long way since i was there. galing talaga ng mga kuha mo.

my gulch said...

te nidz: kaya mo din yan. you have the keen eye for a beautiful photography.

luthien: yes naman. thanks for appreciating. one has no choice but to learn along the way. ;-)

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