Monday, January 11, 2010

There are plenty of fishes in the sea...

plenty of fishes in the sea

...but that one fish which I specifically want is busy swimming in someone else's pond.



An Avatar-ful Sunday

I have no plans of watching it. But a couple or more people told me I should. So yesterday, I did. That was after I endured a long queue to get a ticket and after waiting for two hours more because the next screening is already sold out.

I logged myself in a coffeeshop while watching a four-man band in silly-looking red long sleeves performing at the lobby of SM The Block. They reminded me of the Mariachi but less edgy. I contended myself with a cup of cappuccino that taste as bad as a bitterly-foamy sugar. Suspiciously, the barista was looking at me in the corner. I’ve been there for more than two hours and had only ordered a regular cup. Good thing more customers poured in. He was momentarily preoccupied. Around 2:30pm I was ready to make my way inside the 3D screening of the Avatar.

Aside from the irritating oversized 3D glasses which I had to hold the whole screening time because it keeps on falling, the movie experience was pretty much worth my while.

I won’t make this review longer than my intro. But technically speaking, the movie is amazing. I would reckon that this is even better than any of Peter Jackson’s movies i.e., LOTR, Return of the King. I’ve never been this enthralled watching a 2-hour and 40-minute flick and never minding it. I never watched Titanic, but watching Avatar made me think twice. Cameron exceeded every expectation I had. As Berardinelli said, “Cameron has hitched his wagon to 3D and declared this to be the wave of the future.”

Here’s the thing. This movie made me fall in love with the Na’vi.

Enough said.


Anonymous said...

watched it yesterday too. excellent CG. i found the dialogues tacky and i think the soundbites were made into a not-so-subtle proxy against the war on terror, but other than that, twas good.


my gulch said...

noticed that too. kaso it's easy to bypass, the not-so-subtle proxy thingie, i mean. hehe.

pieterbie said...

Thanks for you visit to my blog and your wishes.
If I haven't said so yet, my best wishes to you too for a 2010 in good health.

Oh dear, your fish is swimming in another pool. A net? Fish transportation? Dunno, I'm not too good at this kind of thing.

No, I won't write a cliché now.

Thanks for the Avatar review.
At first I wanted to go, and then someone said "Don't go, contentless".
After your review I will try to make time to go.
Should have been already :-)

my gulch said...

Peter: thanks for that great wish. i wish the same for you. good health in 2010.

the cultured fish are accustom to a certain level of consistency. turbidity for one. okay i'm talking gibberish here. the fish is free to swim where he likes.

yea, you go and watch it. then you decide.

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