Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I just can't catch up with you


The summer sun is sinking low;
Only the tree-tops redden and glow:
Only the weathercock on the spire
Of the neighboring church is a flame of fire;
All is in shadow below.

~ HW Longfellow


In between internalizing Kafka’s Red Peter and Kholer’s Sultan, an insertion of a face always intervenes—that which I have memorized and instinctively got stuck in my head. I tell you, that has been the farthest thing on my mind. The possibility that one day, I will be singing a different tune. I hate changing minds. It keeps me off track, out of focus. I hate liking what I used to deride. I become a walking contradiction of myself. I hate routine but then again, consistency has always been the name of my game.

Tomorrow, I am sure I will be out of tune again.


Andrea said...

Hmmm, always intriguing! Ayaw ko nga isipin mahirapan lang ako. Is this the one you got from Kimberly hotel? Wala ako nakuha kasi pangit ang PnS maliit, and the Oly hindi ko pa alam! Grrrr!

my gulch said...

@'te Nidz: good decision, hehe. wag mo ng isipin ang mahirap isipin.yup. i got this from our window sa Kimberly Hotel. pinaliguan yung buong room ng orange-yellow sunstreaks. ganda ng effect. :-D

Andrea said...

How did you do that? orange yellow- saan mo kinuha, filter?

my gulch said...

i didn't use any filter. ganyan na talaga sha. although nag-adjust ako ng konti sa contrast to heighten the effect. out of series, ito lang ata yung medyo matinong shot.

Photo Cache said...

winning combo, image at text, pati snippet from a poem.

my gulch said...

@photo cache: thanks! parang order lang yan sa resto. isang pic+text+tula...pwede na.

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