Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Batanes 04: Beautiful Ivatan

...and do you still wonder why people keep coming back to this place?

I can't get enough of the place, can't get enough of the food, most of all, can't get enough of the beautiful people. Here's a second round of the happy and beautiful people of Batanes!

beautiful smile

A kiddo I met while we were exploring Shanedel's Resort in Batan Island. Gotta love those smiles. :-D

inquisitive lady

She looks perky and inquisitive. She is. She likes to pose for the camera but I like her most when she stops posing and starts being herself.

corn lady

In Chavayan, we met this young lady who was milling white corn using a traditional grinding stone. It took a lot of effort on her side to mill the corn and talk to annoying tourists (like us) all at the same time, but she was indeed very accomodating.

lady at the door

Just to prove to you how hospitable Ivatans are. She was brooding and she seems to be in a deep thought when I bothered her. Still, she managed to throw me a smile.

beautiful crim

One of the reasons why I was in BATANES and the main reason why I am enamored by this place. The ever-beautiful and witty, Crim. Gotta love this woman. Did I mention she's an Ivatan?!


[postscript:]'s raining in quezon city. the sky is pouring its heart out to me. :-)

...can't help but smiling these days. why? i am losing every inch of hope and yet i feel like hanging on. yes, i am a masochist by heart. could you NOT like jason magbanua? jezzuz. he's the best.

.... i miss Fiona. :-)


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Thank u, Gulch!

i know the kid sa first picture. She's Shanedel's granddaughter.

Crim in Deep Thought

my gulch said...


you are most welcome! ah really? kasama nya kapatid niya nung nakita namin sha. cute na mga bata. noong una ayaw pang magpakuha pero kakakulit ko, pumayag din. hehe. I love children! :-D

pieterbie said...

I should have looked further before commenting on the previous post. I wanted to see a picture of Crim, and here I'm getting it.
Wow, she is a stunner, a very pretty woman.
You've certainly convinced me: I wanna go there.
I'll write it down.

Jim said...

lovely photos here! especially ang lovely schoolmate natin... ;)

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