Thursday, May 6, 2010

In the confusion and aftermath, you are my signal fire

serene water

...the only resolution and the only joy
is the faint spark of forgiveness in your eyes.

Why would you want to sing a song repeatedly if it doesn’t mean anything to you?

Why would you keep looking at a photo of a boat cruising over serene water on one April morning if as you said, "it's just an image produced by a distress heart trying to melancholize and romanticize everything"?

And why in the hell would you keep taunting my peace of mind when you knew I would never give in?

Why would you keep on repeating things when you already know the result?

It’s irrelevant. It is beyond one’s logic.

I reckon that some people do certain things consistently without (really) knowing the reasons. All they know is that, amidst the pain, they find some happiness doing it. After sometime, you’ll notice that out of that consistency and pattern the pain goes away and you’ll be contented with what’s left…emancipation.


The Aspiring Guitarist said...

a Lovely photo,,,Might i ask where it was taken

my gulch said...

thanks! the photo was taken in Sibacan River in Bataan, Philippines. a nice place where grey herons abound. :-)

The Aspiring Guitarist said...

Oh! that is beautiful,,,i would request you to read my blog and leave any comments if you so wish to
however if it really does not fall under your area of interest,i shall not insist thereafter

Photo Cache said...

*grin* *grin* i sing songs over and over and they mean nothing to me. when one hears what i've been singing about they'd think i am going thru heavy emotional stuff.

joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

pieterbie said...

The light is beautiful in this photo. Great composition.

Alistair said...

A beautiful shot. I notice you regard it as melancholy at least in the context of this post. I find it serene and uplifting.

Your words are thought provoking too


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