Monday, May 24, 2010

Guiding me to safety

guiding me to safety

And why is it when I've finally decided to give up on you, you'll come and say things like: "You're the first person I am praying for at night." You're crazy. But I think I am crazier for believing.



... The Philippines is like a huge oven right now and unless you're inside an air conditioned room, you'll bound to die from dehydration and headache. geezus.

... Together with my sister, her hubby, Fiona, and a younger cousin--we went to see Shrek:Forever After. I loved it. I love Shrek! :-)

...Favorite phrase of the day: "Off the wall"

...Favorite name of the day: Marselies (a Belgian friend whom, for some strange reasons, I kept on remembering the past few days). I wonder how shes's doing right now. The lost in communication was partly my fault. :-(


The Aspiring Guitarist said...

hey is that a boat in front with what i guess appear to be wings??!


my gulch said...

hehe. you can call it that. but they are actually the outriggers of the boat. in Tagalog, we call it the "katig"--the poles that are tied to the top of the boat and that stick out on either side. They serve as floats that sit in the water.

pieterbie said...

Seems like a good idea.

my gulch said...

not if you're like me who gets seasick all the time. :-)

Andrea said...

If you're seasick all the time, how were you able to survive the boat to Sabtang. Another famous waters is the way to Siquijor!

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