Thursday, May 20, 2010

Never saw it coming

turtle swim

I guess I was too busy swimming under water that I have forgotten I need to breathe out.

How presumptuous of me to think that everybody plays for comfort and that being “friendly” towards one another could somehow lead beyond being “just” an acquaintance. It's a shame that at this age, I still don't know the rules. I am always being played out.



... his mom calls me "anak" so many times that I cringed so many times as well. geezus, i've never been this uncomfortable in my life. i felt silly feeling good and awkward all at the same time.

... i went to see "here comes the bride" twice. just because the past few days had been (so) stressful for me and i needed a dose of laughs even for some fleeting moments.

... my niece Fiona is going to school this June. she's 4 and she's already been accelerated to kindergarten. she's smart. (perhaps) like her aunt. i am so attached to this kid, i needed to get my own, hehe! is an ass. it's piling like hell. it never runs out. and the "supervisor" (always) needs to ask for my opinion. not that i am complaining. but i was used to the former "s" that we give each other a space. do your things and and let me do mine. that way---we accomplish more. you need not ask me about a decision that has already been made. we've talked about it and here you go asking again. we need to move on.


Anonymous said...

another night of honesties - tapunan - is in order. i insist.

Crim the Thirsty

my gulch said...

tapunan it is. same time, same channel?

Anonymous said...

pagbalik ko from Batanes. same time. same channel.

The Aspiring Guitarist said...

i love the picture of the turtle,,,how did you exactly capture it?

my gulch said...

went through some levelling to get this shot. i angled the camera near, leveled to the pond to make it look as if the turle was coming unto me. for the setting, f/3.5 at 1/8 sec. i think i used ISO400.

The Aspiring Guitarist said...

thank you for the details,,,well done =)

pieterbie said...

Dont feel silly and don't change. Just keep on being yourself.

Andrea said...

ang galing ng photo. But i dont like the P.S. Hmmm!

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