Monday, May 31, 2010


dragonfly on top of a fallen leaf

Deep in the lake, over a fallen leaf hangs like a blue thread vanished and trite. A doldrum of winged hour that dropped from nowhere, he clasped my heart and captured my thoughts. To others, he was just a lone, blue dragonfly resting on a yellow, fallen leaf. To me, he's a refuge.



I was told: "You're such a blessing, you know that? I'm fortunate to have a good friend like you."

The head is such an exaggerated place. It hits you right even before real things happen.


Photo Cache said...

that image is powerful.

my gulch said...

...and so is your comment. thank you. :-)

Andrea said...

What a great find! To me that is what serendipity means. I 2nd Photo Cache comment.

my gulch said...

i love that word. serendipity. thanks!

pieterbie said...

Love this shot! Perfect exposure, good colour, great reflection.
Just perfect!

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