Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I feel you as I watch the rain pour from the window

watching the rain from the window, rain that won't stop. looks like the sky was crying hard that day

I'm looking out the window where we sat to watch the stars. There's a chill within the air it makes my heart long for your touch ~ corrinne may

i was watching the rain from a glass window. i could not get out from where i was. there was this wicked thunderstorm that reverberated in the four corners of the office. the lightning struck like a whipping belt. the heavy downpour did not subside. i wanted to go home but i was feeling ill. i didn't want it to get worse. i felt the cold window glass, imagining i was touching the rain. and then your face came into view. just like any ordinary days...i kept seeing your face everywhere. heck.



I used to imagine such resemblance. I have not met her before (and perhaps will not be able to). Not in this lifetime. I only knew her by name. You’ve mentioned her name for quite sometime that I have no choice but to remember.

The other day, out of my wicked whim to know more, I finally saw her. Through a picture, from someone else’s facebook account. From that moment, everything made sense. I wish I had stick with how I imagined her. Now everything is real. I know now where the look came from, the voracity for books, those beautiful inquisitive eyes, and those wistful smiles.


pieterbie said...

Rain, it can be refreshing, cleansing.
I see a tower construction in the background.

Anonymous said...

Ohh I love this pic...
I love rain, too...

Andrea said...

This one is very comforting for me, but i dont know how to get something like this. How do you totally mask/erase the face?

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