Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Please hear what i am not saying

subtleness can sometimes make you cry

You are your own exhibit. People measure you depending on how you project yourself to them. But those who knew better can dig beyond what the eyes could see. And those who knew how to “read” know that sometimes, what you say isn’t really what's inside your head. But then again, who would bother knowing the hullabaloos in your head if you yourself would not allow to be opened.



Photo Cache said...

talking to oneself is good - just as long as no one's around to listen.

my gulch said...

yes, i do that all the time. sometimes there will be a someone who will catch this conversation with myself and will give me the you-are-crazy look but heck, i don't care anymore. thanks photo cache for always dropping by.

pieterbie said...

Great flower.
Maybe just a bit too unsharp for me an just a little too much grain.

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