Friday, June 4, 2010

The fallen

fallen from fire tree

You fall from a height unimaginable
You wait until the earth is felt
The wind blows and you're taken to some distance
And then you wait, you wait—
Until life takes you away.


my spirit is at the ground level. never felt this low. desolation is a pain in the ass. and it doesn't help that i've been listening to corrinne may for days now. heck.


Andrea said...

I haven't visited here for a while. What a lovely photo, i should have taken the same to include in my latest post. It is true, i sometimes see beautiful things through another's eyes. Why i did not see it as beautiful when i see it, i dont know! Maybe i really dont have the photographers' eye! huhuhu

my gulch said...

they say "perspective" is a crucial aspect in photography. i never knew it then. i just take photos because i feel i had to, i needed to. i believe everyone has "an eye" for beauty, it's just a matter of perspective. you have the eye, ate nidz, the fact that you appreciate "beauty" in its rawness, you have it.

Andrea said...

Of course i have the eye for beauty, it just seems i long for the eyes which others possess. Maybe it is not the perspective which i lack, i think it is the composition within the "wide angle composition". I cannot isolate the tree from the forest, because 1 is always a part of the whole.

my gulch said...

practice makes perfect. explore more and go beyond what you think is "usual"...

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