Thursday, January 29, 2009

Money changes everything


There was this guy who everytime he comes to our floor, he would make it a habit to drop by my cube and linger. Most of the time, he would look at those things hanging on my wall, spy around my latest cd acquisition, or just talk nonsense. Sometimes I would deal with him, but most of the time I don't. I usually don't have the time to chat. In most cases, I don't know what the heck he's blabbing about.

This morning as he was making his usual round, I greeted him first for a change. I commended his jacket. I said, "Hmm, nice jacket!" Then he turned to me and proudly showed me the tag. It says: Guess Jeans. So I told him, "Ah, okay. That's cool!"

As I was settling back to my cube he said: "Pautang naman oh, may bibilhin lang ako sa SM. Sale sila ngayon eh!" (Can you lend me some money, I will buy something at SM. They are on sale today!). Instead of answering I gave him a hard laugh (not the sarcastic one, just an innocent hard laugh). He retorted back: "Para 700 lang hindi mo pa ako mapautang?" (I am only borrowing 700 and you can't give me any?"). Then he left.

I snorted and whispered: "At baket kita pauutangin, close ba tayo?" (And why would I lend you money, we're not even close?). Then I went back to my usual routine. Ignoring people.

I watched THE READER last night. And as my way of ending this scene, I will borrow Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslet) words to Michael Berg (David Kross) when they were fighting. A scene that is so intense that it stuck into my head until now:

"You don't have the power to upset me! You don't matter enough to upset me!"



pieterbie said...

I love Kate Winslet, she is a great actress!
The guts of that guy, just asking for money like that. That is something that very rarely happens in my environment. I guess we are much too proud to ask for money.
I like this photo, it shows a lot, water? spraying alongside the crouched counting man.

OT: those volley ball players do have long legs, but they are long in general. I stood talking to Katrien Dedecker, one of the players, last Monday during a party. I'm 6 foot, and she is some 3 to 4 inches taller than me. I stood quite close to her, so I had to look up all the time, she nearly gave me a stiff neck.

Anonymous said...

sino ung Guess Jacket dude?!? kapal naman ng mukha, hahahaha!!


the donG said...

hehehe... astig yon ah. naka guess jeans pero umuutang.

Sidney said...

Is he planting money...? ;-)

Anonymous said...

talaga nga namn.. nakuha pang mangutang para lang sa materyal na bagay.. may mga tao talagang hindi na kukuntento sa kung ano meron sila.. tsk tsk..

paoruiz said...

"Para 700 lang hindi mo pa ako mapautang?" - LANG lang pala ang 700 sa kanya eh, bakit nangungutang pa sya? lol. It's as if he believes that you have a moral obligation to lend him money. geeeeeeez.

Photo Cache said...

Is your building open to everyone? How could he get that close to employees/workers?

Anyway that is one powerful line. I think I'll keep that in mind the minute my blood begins to boil unnecessarily.

Did you like the movie?

my gulch said...

it was just recently that i am adoring kate winslet. she's really good. yea, some people are just gutsy. that thing don't usually happen in my environment too well unless of course, i am close to the person. but usually, that person would be too shy to approach to me like that. lending money is something we are ashamed to do (unless we badly needed the money). of course i am speaking for myself here.

you know him. you snorted at him once also, hehe.

some people love the flambouyance of life, even though they rarely have the means to sustain it.

you could take it like that. he's supposed to be a farmer, counting his money earned. the water was a nuisance, someone was watering the plot that day, hehehe.

if there's one great thing i learned from my SocSci subject in college is the fact that: "man by nature is insatiable!" that guy is my classic example.

onga no. di ko naisip yun. dapat pala sinagot ko siya ng ganito: 700 lang pale eh, ba't nangungutang ka pa? anway, bumalik naman siya afternoon. he made his usual round as if nothing happens.

@photo cache:
opismeyt ko siya, hehe. he's in-charge of the supplies and equipment inventory that's why.

THE READER is an intense film. it talks about the victims of Holocaust but that is not the central theme. it questions the issues of morality, you yourself will question what is right and what is evil. in other words, the film will allow you to ponder on those likely to ignore aspects of our lives. i like the subtle approach to that "intense pain" in the film. kate winslet is just great in it.

luthien said...

gawd! sino yun??? kilala ko rin ba sha? ang kapal ng mukha!

Jim said...

(LOL) kakaibang tao, kapal muks, 700 lang??? wow hebigats??!!! may mga tao talaga laki ng isyu sa ugali at 'di nila makita yun.

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