Monday, January 18, 2010

You've have been "my target" all along


six seconds. three steps forward. three steps away. i counted. i saw you. you saw me. it was just a brief moment. so brief that no one noticed. but i knew, you knew what those looks meant. i hope you’re okay. i hope you’re good. the last thing i wanted was for you to be out of my sight again.



Anonymous said...

CHOS!! witwiw.

Anonymous said...

Crim 'to. haha.

my gulch said...

hi crim: haha! i'm sure you're imagining it, exactly the way i have described it. :-D

Photo Cache said...

you are an observant person. or only on one specific person that your power of observation is working to the max?

my gulch said...

photo cache: well you're an observant too. haha. but you're right, observations levels up depending on who is/are being observed. it's just that the person i am observing at that time has my full attention. ain't that person lucky?! (or not) :-D

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