Monday, May 17, 2010

Crushed (and probably still bleeding)

leaf dew

...and why you do still keep up with a feeling that brought you nothing but pain? ~ NB


Momentarily, I caught myself in a deep thought. Apparently, he was talking to me and I was not listening. A few weeks before, he asked me about a dinner. “My treat!” he said. He has been one of the few guy friends I am genuinely fond of so not thinking twice, I told him, “Sige ba!” Besides, he's the type who rarely invites someone for a treat. I have this impression that he chooses the company he keeps. One thing I am confused of is that he rarely talks to me when I am with other people. He is one quiet fish.

He asked me to choose the place for the dinner. I went for the cheaper ones, the one where I could order a beer. Getting drunk is a good excuse to disclose certain inhibitions; but pretending to be one is a sly. Oh yea, I am a sly.

One thing I've learned lately is that when you don't want to be the topic of a conversation, make way to fish out information about the other person. Let him be the lead actor/actress. How? ASK QUESTIONS. A series if you have to. Try immitating Boy Abunda. I love his misleading questions, they always knock me off my feet. Most people rarely say: "E ikaw naman?" Most people are caught up with themselves that they would not usually bother asking the other person how they have been. These kind of people-- I call them the "I" people ---always talking about "me, me and me". Apparently, this fella is far from being an "I" person. He always finds a way to ask how I've been.

During the course of our conversation, I noticed one important thing, that no matter how much he hides it and no matter how he denies it, such pain shows. His eyes betrayed him. And I pity him, honest to god I do. He's still crushed.



i just realized that i am becoming more and more sensitive lately. must be the age. or must be because i am jealous of people literally "moving on". why am i always left behind?


pieterbie said...

I like this photo. The limited DOF really makes you focus on the subject.

The Aspiring Guitarist said...

nice photo as always,,,,i guess we all feel like that at some point of time..

Photo Cache said...

I do think we all feel stagnant and resent that fact some days. A change of scenery or shake up your routine a bit and usually that cures it. Here I go again giving unsolicited advise. Pardon me.

Your photography is really fabulous.

Andrea said...

Hmmm again, i feel that the soliloquy doesn't join the photo! You excite us with a beautiful photo, then you give us sadness and depression as "pabaon", that is not hospitality, meaning we leave with a heavy heart!

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