Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hazy look

they say happiness is you...depending on how you look at life. how come i've never seen it that way? everything seems fleeting. someone or something will always make things worst.

There’s no trick. I didn’t tweak this in the photoshop. I took this shot in Ilocos Norte at the front of the infamous (haunted) The Mansion. We were staying in an air-conditioned room and the lens of the camera was having its "moist moment" (which I hated) when I decided to go out and take photos of the early morning dew. It rained last night. Anyway, I wiped the center of the foggy lens in circular, slow motion, leaving the moist portion around the circumference creating a nice, foggy effect on the side. Hence, the photo.


I’ve been thinking of deleting this blog. I wasn’t even updating or making an effort to write an entry. I have got tons of photos to post but I rarely had the time. Also, I noticed that most of my shots do not say anything, they lack emotions, which leads me to the conclusion that: I have a life and that I am happy. The only time I turn to this blog is when I am hitting rock bottom (or at least the feeling of it). Yesterday, I decided to breathe life to this blog at least for the meantime. A secret keeper must turn to something if she wants to keep herself intact and sane.

Today, I realized I need this blog after all. I need to vent. I need to write (even though sometimes it doesn’t make sense). I need this blog because…let me borrow my friend’s line: “to reaffirm my existence.” Geezus, I guess I am having one of those “hitting rock bottom” again…all because of a simple spite I heard this morning.



pieterbie said...

Obviously it is your blog, but I would have been very sad to see it go. I like your blog and your photos are really good.
And anyway, it is currently my only form of contact with you.

my gulch said...

..and you've been my (only) consistent blog visitor who's comment i look forward to. thanks Peter. you must have forgotten, we're FB buddies as well. :-)

you know what, i have a friend who is now studying in Antwerp. i dunno why i said that it's just that i have more than a reason why i am liking Belgium everyday.

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